2012 Year in Review

R. Gustason, 4 Jan 2013

Stats Hello everyone! There was a significant increase in  traffic to the blog in 2012. My stats for the year were:

This represented a 51% increase over 2011, and I expected as much, considering I went from being at sea all the time, and not able to post much in 2011, to being home most of the time and able to post on a more frequent basis. I hope to do even better in 2013, including the introduction of my new online Bible study series for 2013. I should be able to start this series by next Friday, so please stay tuned!
Thank you for reading my blog! Also, look for format changes to be coming within the next 3-4 months here at Pentecostal Blogger. As a web designer by hobby, I just can't help myself! I like to tweak and improve this blog as time goes on.
Pentecostal Blogger has been online since 2007, and hopefully will be for the long haul, until Jesus returns or I pass on to my reward! This has been and continues to be a wonderful ministry for me. The most surprising item while reviewing my stats was the number of visits from the Far East.
Having been spiritually "born" in Okinawa Japan, I am glad to see that I attract visitors from the Pacific rim countries.
God bless and I hope all of my readers have a very blessed 2013!

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