An interesting series on monotheism

R. Gustason, 27 Nov 2011

An interesting series entitled "Monotheism and the Bible: Origins, Issues, and the Status Quaestionis" by David A. Burnett interviews four prominent Bible scholars.  The first two in the series are already published, are Dr. Nathan MacDonald, who is the author of "Deuteronomy and the meaning of monotheism".  The second is Dr. Michael S. Heiser, Adjunct Lecturer, History Department, Western Washington University.
The last two will be Dr. James F. McGrath from Butler University and Dr. Larry W. Hurtado from University of Edinburgh.  Both have obtained PhDs in New Testament theology.  I am a fan of both Dr. Heiser's and Dr. Hurtado's blogs: The Naked Bible and Larry Hurtado's Blog respectively.  Both give insightful answers on their individual blogs and I am especially looking forward to what Dr. Hurtado has to say.

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