Labs SMS Messaging

Ryan Gustason, 6 Feb 2013

I'm "retweeting" this because I think it is an awesome service, although technically it is not a "retweet" as I received it in my RSS reader, but its still good stuff!
From's research labs comes a new SMS service which allows you to send a text to a phone number and a computer will reply with that verse. Should be a good thing in a pinch for  verse look-up!  The version is the NET bible, but still would be useful none-the-less.

If you have a mobile phone with SMS (text messaging) capabilities you can now receive a small portion of the NET Bible one text message at a time. Simply text a verse reference to 1-409-316-3824(1-409-31N-ETBI). It will promptly reply via text message the Bible verse(s) you requested. So tell your friends! Tell the world.

So, feel free to text away! Just realize that this is an SMS text, and if you pay per text its not going to be free for you. For those with an unlimited texting plan (anyone with teenagers), it shouldn't cost you a dime as provides the service for free. and Labs logo are trademarks of

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