Bible Study

R. Gustason, 14 Nov 2011

Studying the Bible is exhorted in the scripture as good for doctrine, reproof and correction to make one wise and to help us know God. There are various ways to accomplish Bible study. I'd like to introduce one such method.
Take a book of the bible and break it into portions which can then be studied in a one hour time frame. Ask the who, what, when, where and why of the text.
Bible study includes the following questions among others:

Look at key words in each verse. If you had to take two words out of a verse to summarize the verse, which two would you pick to represent the whole? Once you've identified those two words, look them up in Strong's concordance and then compare the definitions of the Hebrew or Greek word from various sources such as: Genesius's Hebrew and Chaldee lexicon to the Old Testament or from Thayer's Greek Lexicon.
Rewrite the verse using the information you've found on the two key words. Compare the translation to others such as the New King James Version, King James Version or English Standard Version.

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