Creating A Study Bible

R. Gustason, 30 Nov 2011

With a little inspiration from Studies in Scripture, I've decided to give a try on creating my own study bible.  I started with this red letter KJV in Microsoft doc format.  Then I changed the font, font size and margins.  I added a 2.5 inch margin to the right, and am currently building light grey text boxes on the right hand margin to hold my notes with a 10 point font, although I may try an 8 point font if I have more commentary to add later.
The next thing I'm doing is generating a symbol code for quickly identifying common themes such as oneness, salvation, etc...  I downloaded this font set from Heydon Works, installed it and am currently choosing which symbols I want to use for what items.
What do you do for your study bibles?  Do you underline or highlight?  Do you use colors?
Let me know in the comment section below! I'd appreciate some ideas!

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