Ryan Gustason, Wed, 10 Jun 2009 06:18:56

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines duplicity as contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; especially the belying of one’s true intentions by deceptive words or action. Of course the bible mentions the results of such a condition.
James 1:8 A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. We as men should take note of this scripture and it’s warning. There are several things we can learn and apply to our daily walk with Jesus Christ.
Now, in all fairness, duplicity applies more to subterfuge and disguising the true intentions of the heart. Saying one thing or taking action in one area to hide the true motives. A good account of this is found in the Old Testament. In second Samuel chapter fifteen, Hushai was a friend to David. David asked Hushai to befriend and become a counsellor to Absalom in order that he may tell David what Absalom was doing and to buy David time when things did not go well, and Absalom was to come against David.
We as Christians should avoid duplicity and seek an honest report amongst the people we live among. Our testimonies are more than words, our action speak volumes about the kind of Christianity we represent.
We should seek to represent Christ and the doctrine that He taught to His disciples. No double-speak should enter into our heart when discussing or teaching the doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ. First and foremost should be the teaching of salvation. “What must I do to be saved”? This is a common question asked in this day and age by people seeking and desiring to know God and truth.
Many false teachers have arisen and would love to plant a questioning attitude in a new believer’s heart. Is baptism necessary for salvation? Was Jesus really born of a virgin? Is the bible correct historically? Does a new believer need to speak with other tongues or was it for a bygone generation? These are some of the seeds of doubt planted by false teachers. Satan used the same tactics when talking with Eve in the garden of Eden.
My suggestion to the born again Christian is to get out that bible and study it from cover to cover. Arm yourself with truth. Go to a truth preaching church and learn what God would speak to you through the preaching of the word. Become involved with your local congregation! Teach a bible study! You can do it! Be ready to give a witness, and be armed to fight the good fight!

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