Hermeneutical Decaying Spiral

R. Gustason, 05 Dec 2009

With the current state of the blogosphere, and the internet in general, hermeneutics have decayed to an almost frivolous place. Everyone seems to be a biblical expert and posts from such a self-important viewpoint.
I am not a biblical expert, nor even a theologian. I have no formal education in either theology or bibliology. Now that I have stated this up front, I will continue with some observations I’ve made over the last two years while communicating on various forums and blogs.
There are a lot of self important people. I cannot count the number of times I have come across people who view themselves as experts in biblical exegesis. Interpretation seems to come as divine inspiration from God to these people. Unfortunately half the time they are clueless on the subject they are talking about. Now, let me caveat that by saying I do believe the Holy Spirit guides us into truth today, the same as occurred 2000 plus years ago. I just wish some of these people would do a little more research before declaring that a doctrine they have “discovered” is from God, and salvational in importance.
Secondly, many people seem to feel courtesy is out the window when communicating on the world wide web. They are right, you are wrong, and you should place truth and fact in the closet and blindly accept them as a prophet of God.
Lastly, hermeneutics, the art of interpreting language, has decayed from a practice of intelligent discovery to that of clothesline gossip and pandering nonsense.
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