Review: The Hour That Matters The Most

R. Gustason, 04 Sep 2011

The Hour that Matters Most
ISBN-13: 9781414337449
The book is softbound, and appears to be as durable as softbound books can be.  I prefer hardback books with woven bindings but for a light easy read such as this book, a soft cover binding is acceptable.  The book is an easy read that can be read through in one sitting.
My wife also read this book, and her comments follow:
The layout of the book is simple and easy to read. I like the recipes they throw in here throughout the book. It has suggestions in the book on how to be a better listener to your kids and to get your kids to engage in a more in depth conversation instead of saying their day was ‘fine’.
Her is what the publishers say about the book:
The facts are on the table. Dinnertime is truly the most important hour in a day that a family can spend together. Focusing on the family meal, this book will help strengthen families by showing them how to reclaim this important time in order to build relationships, draw closer to one another, and restore a sense of peace in their homes. Millions of parents in America can picture the kind of home life they want but don’t know how to make it a reality. The Hour That Matters Most will help readers strengthen and transform their own families—specifically around the dinner table.
This book includes ideas to:

My family used to eat dinner around the dinner table, and my wife’s family did as well.  When we dated and eventually married, we stopped dining at the table and generally ate our dinners in the living room and in front of the television.  A part of that was due to necessity as we lived in Japan at the time in a studio apartment without a formal dining area.  We eventually fell into this habit and even though we’ve since had three children, we rarely eat at the dinner table as a family.  We’ve tried to accomplish this in the past, but with little buy-in from the rest of the family, myself included, we’ve always failed at the task.
This book provides useful tips and plenty of encouragement to reclaim this valuable time to help strengthen the family bonds.  I recommend it to any who wish to build and strengthen family bonds within their home.
I have received a complimentary copy of this work from the publisher in return for a fair review.  I was not instructed to provide a positive or a negative review and this review is my own opinion of the work.

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