Did Jesus Create The World?

R. Gustason, 28 Mar 2009

Jesus worldA question was brought up recently on a forum I frequent. The question posed is: “Did ‘Jesus’ create the world”? This is an extremely interesting, yet vague question. How would you answer this? My answer, in brief, follows.
I believe in the oneness of God, however the name Jesus can refer to either Jesus’ deity or His humanity. His humanity did not create the world. It was created by the one God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This one God chose to become our kinsman redeemer by shedding His blood and stepping in to take our burden of sin upon Himself. He did this by becoming flesh. This was the only way it could have been accomplished, and God knew this in the beginning. Because His plan was put into action from the beginning, the thought, idea, or expression (logos) of God was in the beginning with Him.
I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with the thought process that states Jesus is the name of the God of Abraham. Jesus, as noted previously, is the English rendering of Jehovah has become our salvation. This was not fully accomplished until His manifestation in the flesh of the Messiah, or the man Christ Jesus.

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