The Law of Sin or Death

R. Gustason, 08 Aug 2009

Romans 8 gives us an exposition on the law. While the law was passed down from generation to generation, the Spirit of the law was not. It eventually reached a point where no one knew what the original intent of the law was. The priests did not even know what the purpose of the law was.
Paul states “Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.” Galatians 3 expounds more upon what the original intent of the law was. Jesus Christ did not come to eradicate the law, but rather He came to fulfil the law. By this I mean that the law was completed because it has fulfilled it’s intended purpose. The law was our schoolmaster; it taught us many things concerning faith and believing in God.
Unfortunately by the time Jesus Christ came to walk on this world, the law was of very little effect. People may have outwardly espoused the law of Moses, and outwardly obeyed the 613 mitzvot that was taught in the schoolhouse, but it was not applied to the heart and people obeyed out of custom rather than out of a fear of God. By fear of God I mean a deep love and respect of our creator. This condition of society has been coined Phariseeism today.
The same condition that exsisted back then is flourishing today. People call themselves Christian because it is the politically correct thing to say today. A majority of Americans today will claim to be a Christian in name, yet they do not know what the first 5 books of the bible are, they cannot name 4 of the 12 Apostles, they do not know the order of the gospels, and they attend church rarely (usually on special services such as Easter).
God is coming back for a bride without spot or wrinkle. Most today will ignore this warning, however that does not change the fact of His soon return for His bride (the church). Do not lay your lot with the five foolish virgins who were not prepared for the master’s return. There is a hell, and people will be sent there whom Jesus does not know. Make yourselves ready!

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