Review: Accordance 9.3

R. Gustason, 14 Apr 2011

Accordance 9.3 is here! This awesome software is simply the best bible study programs available on any platform. Version 9.3 allows for syncing between mobile devices and your Mac. This is a great thing because now you can take your custom made user modules with you on the go. In my opinion this was a feature which should have been made available in the 1.0 version of the mobile app. But still, version 1.2 should be hitting the streets sometime soon in the app store. For those who'd like mo information, be sure to look at the Accordance 9.3 information and new features page on the accordance website.
For those of you unfamiliar with accordance, it is a very powerful bible study application designed for the Macintosh line of computer systems. It will run on IBM compatible PCs using an emulator, although I recommend using a Mac. In fact one of the major reasons for me converting to Mac computers is to have accordance.
Here are some interesting links showcasing the features of Accordance 9 in gereral:

As you can see from the above YouTube links, Accordance is much more than a bible reader. It's advanced searching capabilities are unparalleled and some of the fastest queries and search routines available. My hats off to the Accordance team on a job well done!

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