Review: Ascent from Darkness by Michael Leehan

R. Gustason, 07 Nov 2011

I have just finished reading Michael Leehan's testimony in the form of his first book entitled Ascent from Darkness: How satan's soldier became God's warrior.  His testimony is a powerful witness of what Jesus can do for anyone who is willing to hear Jesus' call.  While I do not agree soteriologically with him, I do agree that God is no respecter of persons and is willing that all should come to repentance and follow Him in Spirit and truth.
The book opens with his traumatic upbringing.  He tells of several accidents which placed him close to death and opened him up to seeking an answer for what lies beyond the grave.  He then takes you through the journey of several decades of downward spiralling into satanism and you read with horror and compassion the mess he makes of his life.  The book continues with his struggles and offers glimpses into his demonic and occult practices.
The book is not for the faint of heart.  Mr. Leehan describes the occult as it is.  Real.  Many of the lukewarm Christians in denominational Christianity today would do well to put down this book and pick up their bible to 'study to show themselves approved'.  If you feel that you would have a hard time reading a testimony based on real events including suffocating animals and resurrecting them via CPR just for the thrill of power you'd have over that animal's life, then don't read this book.
If however you are a mature believer in Christ and are willing to ride the coaster into the depths of immorality and lasciviousness Mr. Leehan takes you to in his book, you will emerge confident in the knowledge that God is able to deliver any from the grips of satan.
The book is well written and flows from one chapter to the next lucidly and has no grammatical errors that stood out to me at least.  He reserves the last two chapters for the ascent into Charismatic salvation he experienced through and other bible study groups he was a part of during the last days before his 'death' in satan's eyes.  Satan is the father of lies but he got that part right!  Mr. Leehan did die the day satan predicted by being born again into Christ.  Again, I believe differently than he does in matters of soteriology however it was refreshing to see the climax of the story as Mr. Leehan repented and turned to Christ.  The only thing I would have liked to have read was more of his post conversion life.  Did he ever get his life back together in regards to personal and financial normalcy?  The book does not say.
One criticism I have of the book, and which bothered me throughout reading the book was the symbol used for the section breaks.  It showed a box like symbol constructed of two crosses.  One was light colored and the more prominent one was darker in color and formed an upside down cross as seen to the left of this paragraph.  It seemed to me that the upside down cross was given an accent which stood out to me at least implying more eminence.  The upside down cross has been used as a satanic device for a few decades. Does it mean anything?  Probably not, but it did not sit well with me while reading the book.
I would recommend this book as a refreshingly real testimony of the spiritual power that works beyond our five senses.
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